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Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills (July, 2019)

male extra

1. Overview

Male Extra’s formula is targeted on the intensification of the blood supply to the penis and the release of nitric oxide.

As a result, you get the opportunity to enjoy advanced sexual stamina and stronger erections.

A multi-faceted natural approach to the creation of the supplement formula is beneficial not only for sexual health, but also for overall health.

It is suitable for those men, who need to restore erectile function, boost sex drive, increase sperm count, and improve sperm quality.

2. How It Works

Male Extra has an all-round action because it contains numerous ingredients. But mainly, the supplement is effective due to its ability to naturally stimulate nitric oxide production.

This increased production leads to the widening of blood vessels and, hence, intensifies penile blood circulation. And your erections will finally become stronger.

Also, since Male Extra erection pills contain herbal extracts with aphrodisiac properties, it can enhance libido.

3. Ingredients

  • Pomegranate Ellagic Acid
    When the research results allowed CP Forest and colleagues from the Male Clinic in Beverly Hills to call pomegranate a a natural Viagra, their invention was used by the juice manufactures, a few pharmaceutical companies, and the Male Extra manufacturer.

    Only in these male enhancement pills can you find pomegranate 40% ellagic acid that has the ability to substantially elevate your body’s nitric oxide levels.

    Being responsible for high nitric oxide levels, Male Extra improves blood circulation in the penis and enhances the oxygen supply to the cells.

  • L-arginine HCL
    Arginine is a nitric oxide donor in the human body. Nitric oxide is responsible for some metabolic processes. Among them, there is the nitric oxide’s ability to relax the blood vessel walls. Thereby, this chemical compound facilitates the widening of the blood vessels. This leads to an increase in the lumen diameter.

    This property of nitric oxide is very important for ensuring proper sexual function. Under the influence of brain signals, the nitric oxide levels in the blood vessels supplying the penis with blood will rise.

  • L-Methionine
    L-Methionine is an extremely significant amino acid that regulates numerous functions in the human body. Thus, this amino acid makes hair, skin, and nails healthy, strengthens muscle tissues, promotes cardiovascular function, and tones blood vessels.

    Moreover, L-Methionine is also a great weapon that helps to give men a boost to their sex lives by treating erectile dysfunction and preventing early ejaculation.

  • MSM
    MSM is known as an organic compound that mainly consists of sulfur. In turn, sulfur is a very significant chemical element responsible for many vital functions that the human body performs. Thus, sulfur takes part in the blood circulation and is indispensable for the regeneration of cells and tissues.

    And penile tissues are not an exception. MSM deficiency weakens cells. Moreover, the body can’t successfully cope with the task of the production of healthy cells.

    Sulfur is essential for provisioning cells with oxygen without which cells can’t release energy.

  • Zinc
    Zinc is an important micronutrient without which internal organs can’t function properly. Thus, this micronutrient helps keep the immune system strong, boosts cell metabolism, makes wounds heal quicker, stimulates protein and DNA synthesis, regulates cell division, supports normal growth, and maintains the sense of taste and smell.
  • Cordyceps
    Cordyceps Sinensis is a unique mushroom that is famous for its extraordinary healing properties. For a thousand years, the traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines couldn’t do without this mushroom.

    The active compounds, namely, deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid, which are found in Cordyceps, make this mushroom a real godsend for every man wishing to improve sexual performance. The matter is that the abovementioned active compounds stimulate the brain area that regulates the ability to become sexually aroused.

  • Niacin
    Niacin is an organic compound which is very crucial for men’s health, and especially male potency. Thus, the studies have proved that niacin improves blood circulation in the body due to its ability to dilate blood vessels.

    Moreover, the Hong Kong study found that the effects of niacin are equal to the effects of statins when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. In addition, niacin promotes elevations in prostaglandin D2 levels. Consequently, this compound enhances sexual function in men.


4. I’m a senior citizen. Is Male Extra suitable for me?

Male Extra is suitable for men of all ages. Many of the studies proving the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in Male Extra in improving sexual function were carried out on senior citizens.

However, if you are currently taking any medications or have any existing health issues, you should check with your doctor or health practitioner before taking Male Extra.

5. Male Extra Product Warnings

Male Extra doesn’t give immediate results. But the supplement gradually cures erectile dysfunction in a healthy way instead of providing short-term effects.

When deciding to use supplements for successfully dealing with erectile dysfunction and enhancing libido, it’s necessary to properly approach the issue and take care of one’s own health.